Desert Rain Solid Lotion Stick...
This solid lotion was formulated using pure butters and oils with specific skin softening properties. There are no "filler" oils, only the finest and purest are used.  Beeswax has a natural SPF 15 sunblock, as well as the ability to make the lotion semi-waterproof, helping the lotion stay on your skin.

Desert Rain Whipped Body Butter...
​Natural shea butter is whipped with jojoba and vitamin E oils, then whipped again adding tapioca starch; making it glide onto your skin to make it feel silky smooth.  

You will love how soft your skin feels!

Desert Rain Pure Glycerin Soap...
Our soaps are made with glycerin to gently cleanse your skin without drying it out.  We add shea butter for extra skin softening, and organic aloe vera to soothe.  And with so many scents to choose, you may not be able to order just one!
 Also available are exfoliating soaps with loofahs or crushed apricot kernals-both are great for healthy glowing skin. 

Desert Rain All Natural Deodorant...
This natural deodorant is hand poured and made in small batches.  There 
are no fillers, chemicals (aluminum free), and only a natural antioxidant 
(vitamin E).
Desert Rain Products...
All natural soaps, lotions, 
body butters, and now 
a natural chemical free deodorant!
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